RAMADAN PROGRAM 2010 (Last Year)

1. Asr Prayer: According to the schedule
2. Asr to Magrib Prayer:            - Reading ½ Juz of the Qur’an (weekdays)
           Daily Dars (Monday & Wednesday)
3. 15 Minutes before Magrib: Preparation for Magrib/Iftar
4. Magrib Adzan: According to the schedule
5. 15 minutes after adzan: Magrib Prayer
6. After Magrib: Partaking Iftar meal (Dinner)
7. Between Magrib and Isha: Qur’an Recitation (Sh. Farahat or tape)
8. 30 minutes before the Isha Azan: Nightly Lecture (see the schedule)
9. Isha Adzan: According to the Schedule
9. Isha Prayer: (1st 10days: 9:30PM, 2nd 10 days: 9:15PM, 3rd days: 9:00PM)
10. Tarawih Prayer: After Isha
11. Nightly lecture (15 minutes): between 4 rak’ah of Tarawih
12. Tarawih prayer (cont.): after the lecture
13. Witr Prayer: After Tarawih

Imams for Tarawih Prayers:

96th Street:    
Sheikh Khalid Al-Juhaem (1st 10 days)
                        Sheikh Ramadan Mowafy (2nd 10 days)
                        Sheikh Farahat Kamah (3rd days)

72nd Street: Sheikh:
                        Sheikh Farahat Kamah (1st 10 days)
                        Sheikh Sa’ad Jallo (2nd 10 days)
                        Sheikh Ramadan Mowafy (3rd 10 days)


  1. The whole program will end by 11:00 pm (maximum)
  2. Attending Imam is responsible for adzan, and may lead the Magrib prayer
  3. Nightly lecture is 30 long before Isha and 15 minutes after 4 rak’ah of Tarawih
  4. Sh. Abdur Rahman is the in-charge person for the 96th Street Mosque
  5. Sh. Mujibur Rahman is the in-charge person for the 72nd Street Mosque

Ramadan Program 2011 will be posted shortly